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Dr. Carolyn Henry Hurst,


Dr. Carolyn Henry Hurst was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up on the beautiful islands of St. Croix & Puerto Rico. She is the eldest of five children born to Dr. Lloyd and Carolyn Henry. She is a graduate of Oakwood College (now Oakwood University) in Huntsville, Alabama and The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.

On June 1, 1986, Carolyn married Jerome M. Hurst of Cincinnati, Ohio. The Lord has blessed their 22-year union with two terrific daughters – JéVern and JéRie. The Hurst’s reside in Cleveland, Ohio where her husband is the Senior Pastor of the Southeast Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tarkington and Lee.

Dr. Hurst is an educator, a freelance writer, and an international bilingual speaker. She has been a frequent guest contributor for Message Magazine, an inspirational Christian publication, and has written five devotionals.

Dr. Hurst is also the founder of Going GodWard Ministries. Its mission is to share the extravagant love of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and disciple others to do the same. Through this ministry, souls are pointed to Christ during Holy Spirit-led and Holy Spirit-filled events such as One Night With the King…in His Sanctuary, Intimate Moments With God, Prayers that Soar, and the annual Women of the Word Conference.

One of Dr. Hurst’s favorite Bible verses is Psalms 77:14, which states, “You are the God of miracles and wonders. You still demonstrate your awesome power!” Dr. Hurst daily looks for God’s wonder-working power in the form of the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself in her life and in the lives of those all around her. Wherever she goes, it is Dr. Hurst’s desire that Jesus Christ be seen, heard, felt, and magnified so that lives can be delivered from sin and transformed into God’s glorious image!


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