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2013 - Jan/Feb

Message Magazine
2013 - Jan/Feb

The assurance of deliverance is an infallible guarantee. The price Jesus paid on the cross canceled his debt. He wants others to know that even though they are now where he has been, the blood of Jesus guarantees their deliverance!

Few articles from our issue for this month,
The Emmaus Experience
The Emmaus ExperienceRupert Bushner If you’ve never experienced bone–crushing disappointment and confusion, just keep living. Perhaps it’s the death of a loved one, or the friend you counted on who let you down. It...Read More >>
Emancipation of Finite Mind
Emancipation of the Finite MindAdministrator One hundred and fifty years after the Emancipation Proclamation, it is easy to think of slavery in black and white. Yet, the strongest chains still grip the mind. Five-year-old Josiah...Read More >>
The Emmaus Experience Study
The Emmaus Experience StudyRashad Burden If you’ve ever experienced disappointment, then the Joseph story will certainly soothe your sorrow. We want to be your companions on this journey. As you read the story of Joseph...Read More >>
Editorial Jan/Feb 2013 - The End in Mind
The End in mindCarmela Monk-Crawford As I return after a 16-year foray into the practice of law, I am tempted to take my time, wade in slowly, and gently approach. And as I write this,...Read More >>