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Message Magazine Editor - Carmela Crawford

The Mission of Message Magazine

MESSAGE Magazine presents the Bible-based gospel of Jesus Christ to affect positive life change and meaningful living for today and eternity.

Fast Facts

  • MESSAGE is the oldest and most widely circulated spiritual journal rooted in the African American community.
  • MESSAGE'S  Food for Health first appeared in 1947. This column was ahead of its time in encouraging lifestyle changes based on a healthy, plant-based diet.
  • Louis B. Reynolds became MESSAGE's first Black editor in 1951.
  • Carmela Monk Crawford became the first female editor of MESSAGE Magazine in 2012. Prior to that, Rachel Clark and Pat Sparks Harris served as acting and interim editors in 1971 and 2007, respectively.
  • MESSAGE, originally the Gospel Herald, was founded by James Edson White in 1898. White published the first nine issues of the Gospel Herald on his Mississippi steam launch, the Morning Star.
  • The Gospel Herald's name was changed to MESSAGE magazine in 1934.