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(to be used just before campaign launch)
Sow a Seed, Reap a Soul. The 2011 Message campaign begins next week.






Get acquainted with Message. Review past issues of the magazine and choose which features to promote. Check that you have all your campaign supplies.


Tips for Guaranteed Success

Pray that God will bless the campaign and the Message staff.

Follow campaign instructions carefully.

Organize a telephone committee before the campaign begins and use these volunteers


Church Campaigns

To: Supporters of the Annual Message Campaign Initiative
From: Director of Marketing

Mr. Samuel Thomas Jr.Each Message Magazine is a small seed which will turn into something big. Like the farmer who goes out to plant seeds anticipating an abundant harvest in the fall, you and your church members are planting hope, love, promise, and truth in the lives of searching people in your city.

As magazines are spread in your community, you don’t know what kind of soil they will land in. Some will find open, searching hearts and will ask “what does it take to join the kingdom of Christ”?

Message will bear fruit. Through the years, it has proven successful over and over again.

The Holy Spirit really does use this magazine to draw friends, relatives, and neighbors’ into the remnant church. Sow a seed and reap a soul. That is our challenge to you.

It’s All About Evangelism

Most of your job will involve encouraging your church members to send Message to their friends, associates, business relations, contacts, and anyone they really want to receive the love of Christ and the promise of His soon return.

Also, consider raising funds to send Message magazine to church contacts. Your church has records of community service leads, health seminar names, names from your guest book, and names of those who have attended evangelistic meetings. You can also call the major ministries in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and request names of contacts within your zip code(s). Each of these persons should be sponsored as part of the church’s evangelism outreach.

Something else is new this year: We are raising money for Message evangelistic crusades. We are welcoming support as we combine the preached word with the printed word in the work of winning souls.

When to Start?

Our Message campaign emphasis is from March to June 30 each year. During these months we are on high alert to service your needs, answer your questions, and in general, partner with you to reach the optimum number of persons within your community. We are also available the year round to support your fulfilment concerns.

We want you and your partners in Message Outreach to experience a satisfied process to each subscription submission.

Thank you for getting involved with the Message magazine campaign. You are gifted by God to be that someone who will reach out and touch another. They want to spend an eternity with our Savior. As you plant the seed of hope, faith, truth, and promise, take courage from what God says in the book of Isaiah. “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void.” Isaiah 55:10, 11


Samuel Thomas, Jr.
Director of Marketing for Message Magazine and Special Projects
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For further assistance call Subscriber Services and ask for Susan Wilkinson: 301.393.3287